A remedy for degenerative deceases

These eye drops are beneficial in degenerative condition of retina and choroid. Degeneration in retina occurs due to poor blood circulation. Retinal arteries are end arteries so result of poor blood circulation is very serious.
In our medicinal eye drops these are specific type of elements.These elements increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.
So these eye drops are very useful in retinal degeneration.

These degenerations are

Macular Degeneration (ARMD) : It is Age related macular degeneration. The condition in advanced stage the condition is so serious the patient becomes economical blind.
Myopic Retinal Degeneration: This type of degeneration occurs in High myopia. Even after Lasic surgery the patients’ vision is deteriorated and the surgery is of no use. Lasic surgery treats the refractive error but have no effect on retinal degeneration.
In such type of cases these drops are very beneficial and prevents blindness in such patients.
Primary Pigmentory Degeneration: Commonly this disease is called as Retinitis Pigmentoza. In this condition Pigmentory degeneration caused due to insufficient oxygen supply, as SEVA drops increase oxygen supply of that area and thus prevents and cures the disease.

These drops also contain nano particles of antioxidants, these help in regeneration of tissues.