A remedy for Rheumatic Pain
There are two types of arteritis (1) Osteoarthritis and (2) Rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Accept these two main types of arteritis also

(1) Gout: - It is caused due to high level of Uric acid
(2)  Rheumatic Arthritis: - It is caused due to infection Streptococcus Verdeans is causative organism.
(3) Diabetic Arthritis: - It is caused due to diabetic condition of body.

This cream contains Nano particle of different herbs and medicines.

We prepare 2 types of creams
(1) Arthigone: - It’s an herbal preparation.
(2) Rheumonil: - It’s a allopathic Medicine

These two cream are for local application to the affected joint. Saviour pain disappears with in few minutes. And the decease process is controlled after regular application of this cream for long duration.